Muffin Man's writings

Hello there.

My name is Stanko and I’m the principal developer at Work & Co.

I enjoy software development, especially the front end stuff. My focus is on the front end architecture and modern frameworks like Angular and React. But I also tremendously enjoy small projects, and playing with random technologies. That is where this blog comes from. Hopefully there will be at least one post per week, but can’t promise it.

I fool around on CodePen and maintain couple of npm packages. You can find me on GitHub or LinkedIn.

Beside programming, my passions are music, crafting (making stuff from jewelry to guitars) and games. Old DOS games are what got me in the tech in the first place. Unfortunately due to lack of free time pretty much the only game I play these days is Dota 2. I’m also a terrible guitar player.

As few people asked, nick Muffin Man comes from the Frank Zappa’s song of the same name.