Hello, I'm Stanko, a software engineer in Belgrade, writing mostly about JavaScript and React.

Custom Jekyll pagination

Jekyll comes with simple pagination which has only Newer and Older links. I wanted a little bit more, now pagination shows at least five pages, with current in the middle. On the larger screens there are also first and last page links. Newer and Older links are, of course, still there.

Check the gist with the code.

You can see it at the bottom of this website, or just check the screenshot below:

Custom Jekyll pagination

Animated login and signup forms

Well I saw pretty nice mockup on Dribbble and decided to make it for fun. It didn’t include mobile/responsive solution, so I came up with my own.

Animated onboarding demo

Check the demo.

This is pure CSS solution - it uses :target selector for changing states. Find more about :target on MDN. This is neat, as it also can be bookmarked on both states, and browser button work too.

Grab the code on GitHub.

Hello World

Everything starts with a Hello World so does this blog.

For the first time everything will be under heavy development, until I get it the way I want.

As I really enjoy making stuff, I decided to try to make small JavaScript or CSS (SASS) plugin/script every week. Those are going to be both big and small, proof of concepts and production ready stuff.