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02 Sep 2017

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React and Redux, Webpack 2 boilerplate

Currently, I’m working on a relatively small pet project. While setting it up, I decided to extract a webpack boilerplate from it.

As whole JS community is moving really fast, I found very hard to set everything up using Webpack 1.x. One package would ask to update the other, that would break the third one, then that one… and so on.

Luckily, I was able to set everything up using Webpack 2. It is still in beta, but I had no problems so far.

You can find the boilerplate on GitHub.

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Setting up Webpack, Babel and React from scratch - Part 3


Part three - also the last part

Other parts:

  • Part 1 - Webpack, Babel, React, Router, ESLint
  • Part 2 - SASS, more ES6 goodness (Static props, decorators, deconstruction…)
  • Part 3 - Where to go from here

Where to go from here

I really wanted to continue this series, but unfortunately whole JavaScript / Node community is moving so fast, that I found really hard to keep these tutorials up to date. Webpack 2 and React Hot Loader 3 are on the horizon. Some package versions break the other ones. Usual JavaScript business :)

So I’ll leave you with a link or two below.

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Another web development awesome list

People are making awesome lists on the Git these days.

I’m spamming our company’s slack dev channel, and someone suggested to put all of those links in one place. So I created one awesome list as well.

Awesome web development

Feel free to contribute!

My two cents on the new MacBook Pro

After the recent Apple keynote, it seems that community is not happy with the new MacBook Pro. Well, I’m not either.

As for iPhone/iPad, those are toys, I could use pretty much any other modern smartphone/tablet. But MBP is my working horse, and I was always saying that it doesn’t matter how much it costs, I would always get it.

Things have changed…

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Setting up Travis, Jekyll and GitHub pages

As I already mentioned, GitHub pages do not work with the Jekyll plugins. It is a security measure. So I researched it a bit, and colleague of mine proposed a simple solution - Travis CI.

There is a great repo with instructions how to set everything up - jekyll-travis. But few steps are kinda confusing, and it took me 10 failed builds to make it work. So I’ll try to help you with those.

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