Muffin Man's writings

These are selected open source projects I did. Most of these are JavaScript or CSS libraries. Beside that, I contribute to a few bigger open source projects, and fool around on CodePen.

Few of these need some love, as maintaining a lot of small projects takes quite a bit of time. So feel free to open a pull request :)

React and Redux, Webpack 2 Boilerplate

Boilerplate I extracted from a small real world project. It includes complete, minimal react app.

GitHub | Blog post


Minimal CSS framework that is meant to be a starting point for my projects. Written is SASS.

GitHub | Demo

HTML Canvas Video Player

Simple plain JavaScript class for playing videos on canvas. IE9+ and modern browsers, but it was intended for iPhone only.

GitHub | Demo | Blog post

React animate height

Lightweight, no dependency React component for animating height using CSS transitions. Slide up/down the element, and to any specific height.

GitHub | Demo | npm | Blog post

Animated scroll-to

Simple, plain JavaScript scrollTo function.

GitHub | Demo | npm | Blog post


Sektor is a plain JavaScript library for generating SVG circle sectors and donuts. Supports circle sector animation as well.

GitHub | Demo | Blog post

Mobile Chrome vh Fix

Fix for the bug on the mobile Chrome, when window height changes on address bar toggle.

GitHub | Demo

ThinkPad Fan Control

Linux only, app for controlling fans speed on IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads. Written in C, using GTK GUI.


React slider with touch support

Simple React slider component with touch support and 0 dependencies. Just put your slides in it. Modern browsers and IE10+

GitHub | Demo | Blog post


Pure JavaScript custom scroll bar library, works in modern browsers and IE8+. Uses native scroll, rather than hijacking it.

GitHub | Demo | Blog post

Rocket Page Flip

Page flip slider for modern browsers. Old browsers will just show/hide pages. Flip is done using CSS 3D transforms. Depends on jQuery.

GitHub | Demo

Time Picker

Plain JavaScript time picker. Depends on jQuery.

GitHub | Demo

Rotating 3D cube hover effect

Rotating cube hover effect. There are two divs which are changed every time you hover. Depending of the direction you hovered the cube, it will rotate in that direction. Depends on jQuery.